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To the surprise of no one, the ladies of The View — conservative commentator Meghan McCain included — were all able to agree when condemning Trump’s “sh*thole” remarks about African countries and asking whether or not we “need more Haitians” on Friday morning. Co-host Sunny Hostin took the most umbrage with the presidents words, as her husband’s family is from Haiti and her children are Haitian.

Midway into the segment, Hostin finally got a chance to weigh in on the subject. “A lot of people come here from Haiti who do really well, like my husband’s family,” she started off, clearly racked with emotion. “I took this so personally because you know I spent the holidays in Haiti because my father-in-law was born and raised there, and he came here and raised a family including two doctors and an engineer. And he does so much, not only for this country, but his home country of Haiti.”

“I have to say, I have said repeatedly, I can’t look into Donald Trump’s heart, I can’t say that he is a racist,” she continued. “I can say now, Donald Trump is a racist. I can say that now. And I hate saying it, but I can say that now.” The audience then resoundingly applauded her powerful words.

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